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As we are in a full economic crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic , what shall investors do?

Have you been spending the past weeks trying to make sense of what is going on in the world and the impact on our world and local economy?

Have you read, watched and studied all the information about stocks, real estate and basically tried to understand what will be your next best possible investment move during this unprecedented crisis?

Well the good news are: you are not the only ones!

The current effect of the corona virus pandemic is still widely visible and is significantly impacting a number of industries. Supply chains have been disrupted, unemployment rates have hit the roof, and the public health crisis has escalated in many countries.

Despite the implementation of government stimulus packages and interest rates dropping to near zero, the Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting many industries.

It is becoming clear that the least affected industries are so far the digital industries, health care REITs or life and health insurance companies but another industry has been stable as well and it is the Food Industry.

Bill Gates invested $171 million to buy 14,500 acres of farmland in Southern Washington.

Yes folks, we may be in crisis but we still need to eat, some of us even went into a frenzy stock-piling at the beginning of the lockdowns!

So here it is, even in the worst periods few stable industries are surviving and agricultural real estate is one of them.

World Famous Investors such as Howard Buffet, Jim Rogers and George Soros have been heavily investing into farmlands! Bill Gates spent $171 million to buy 14,500 acres of farmland in Southern Washington, the most expensive U.S. land sale so far this year, according to the Land Report.

The Microsoft Corp. co-founder bought the farmland recently and the purchase includes about 10,500 acres of irrigated farmland, 3,900 of rangeland and about 140 in an area known as Horse Heaven Hills.

Why so many high profile investors are capitalizing massively on agriculture?

Farmland remains, even now, fundamentally a safety move and a hedge against stock market volatility. In an unsettled environment where legacy market dynamics are tossing and turning, farmland is an attractive bet. 

This is all about global food demand and fundamental land shortage for high-quality farmlands. Smart investors know that farmlands will perform the best during and after these crisis. 

How to make a farmland investment today?

Invest4Land understood the importance of the agriculture and the food industry many years ago and created the concept of managed farmlands for the investors.

Invest4land is offering managed almond and walnut farmlands with freehold title deeds, management guarantee and long term payment plans. Our farmlands are located in Spain and in Turkey. These countries are well known to be the Food heavens of Europe.

You can own a freehold farmland and earn high annual returns over 15%!

Invest4land is specialising with the cultivation of almonds and walnuts . Almonds and walnuts are one of the most consumed nuts in the world and there is over 80% supply shortage for almonds in Europe.

In the heart of Europe investors can now add a fully managed almond farmland asset to their portfolio. We know that agriculture investments have proven to be fantastic and profitable diversification investments. With Invest4land knowledge and support you can own a freehold farmland and earn high annual returns over 15%.

Invest4land is performing a “biological and sustainable farming,” by using the best of a high-production system. We handle the entire management process with our management company Agro Concept in Spain and Konsept Tarim in Turkey to deliver great results to our investors.

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