Konsept Tarım

Is the agricultural management brand, operating in various regions of Turkey, primarily in Manisa. With more than 200 employees Konsept Tarım is one of Turkey’s largest almond, olive and walnut producers in the region in terms of volume, over 1300 hectares.

Konsept Tarım

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Konsept Tarim is also one of the largest farmland development and management brands in Turkey as the company is offering turnkey farmland projects and additional services to the investors such as seedling sales, plantation process, water irrigation systems and harvesting.

The company also has its branches on livestock and free-range egg production with modern, sustainable care and the agroforestry concept under the brands of Konsept Hayvancilik, Guzel Koyden and Entelkoy. Konsept Tarim has one of the largest seedling centers in Turkey especially specialized for the walnut, almond and olive seedlings production.