Güzel Köyden

Güzel Köyden makes healthy and natural food accessible to everyone with Turkey’s largest and most comprehensive walnut processing factory of API GROUP, professional team, and sustainable agricultural operations. We are happy to deliver the best service and the most natural quality walnut, almond, lavender products, honey, and olive oil to our customers!

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2021 Walnut Harvest Festival

The Real Taste of Nature from the Unique Nature of the Aegean

Walnut from Our Beautiful Villages

Honeydew Honey

We created our brand Güzel Köyden, which brings you together with the essences of wind, rain, bees, green grass, flowers, and trees, for you to enjoy nature. We blended our carefully grown products with sustainable agriculture and respect for nature.

There is an ecosystem in the fertile soil of the Aegean where all living things live happily and healthily at Güzel Köyden lands. To share our products with you in their most natural form, we pack them in the freshest form as they are harvested in our Beautiful Villages. Thus, the valuable nutrition in our products is also protected.

As the Güzel Köyden team, we aimed to provide the most natural and quality food to our valued customers while supporting our farmers. We are proud to bring you natural, pure, and local food products at guzelkoyden.com