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Invest4land is offering investors an alternative to any other investments. Like the farming industry needs innovations, fresh thinking and a massive shake up so are the ways investors are looking at new opportunities.

Making money is great but making money and making a difference is way better.

Our fully managed farmlands are available from a minimum purchase price of USD 92,500 for 10,000 sqm. Not only our scheme will work generating a stable and long term profit it will also benefit the world around you. Generating wealth through sustainable resources is important and gives a real value to your investment.

What will happen once you start investing in your farmland project?

  1. Support local communities Your investment and our work will have a direct impact on local communities and expand rural businesses. We provide income and knowledge to local farmers and our processing facilities are located at the heart of our lands.
  2. Impact future generations Our work in the farms is an investment on our future generations. The aim here is to truly provide reliable and sustainable farming and food supplies for the years to come.
  3. Agroforestry vision Invest4land is not only offering managed farmlands. Invest4land is working with the aim to implement better farming solutions to help with climate change, animal welfare and less pesticide incorporation.

Our main ambitions are to put in place farming practices that will help with the following:

  • Sequester carbon from the atmosphere to defer global warming and avoid dangerous climate changes.
  • Bring up water and nutrients from the depth of the soil
  • Provide a framework for above- and below-ground biodiversity to flourish
  • Build up soil organic matter and thus soil carbon
  • Offer new farm diversification enterprises
  • Make agricultural landscapes more resilient

Each plot of land that you purchase is a precious and irreplaceable part of this planet. Together we will achieve our mission to provide income to our investors and to develop economic opportunities and employment.

Interested? Get involved now…..

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