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What Is a Golden Visa?

As we all know, many countries offer the opportunity to obtain their citizenship through various programs for investment purposes. At Invest4Land, we’d like to shed some light on these programs and assist our clients in making the most of all the opportunities we make available to them. If you are looking for a second residency program that has several other benefits, Spain could be the country for you.

The Golden Visa is a program that allows Non-EU nationals to obtain residency, citizenship, and free travel throughout the Schengen area in exchange for a real estate investment. In Spain, a Golden Visa is a permanent residency permit issued to individuals who invest in the country.

Why Invest4Land?

As Invest4land, we are proud to release our managed farmland projects in Spain to our investors. We love Spain for many reasons. Spain has an exquisite nature, rich history, and lovely people. It is one of the most important economies in Europe with many diversified industries.

Agriculture is one of the primary economies in Spain, and the agricultural real estate sector has so much to offer to our investors in Spain.

With many years of experience and research in the Spanish agricultural market, we’ve teamed up with the top agricultural engineers and experts in Europe.

Today, Invest4Land is one of the most successful agricultural real estate asset-holding and management companies in the country.

Why Spain?

  • It is a country that perfectly combines modern Europe and Mediterranean heat with clean air, beautiful weather, history, architecture, art, and sports.
  • Spain is a top-rated holiday destination, with its sunny skies, you can swim and sunbathe on beautiful beaches all year round.
  • Easy access to all the Schengen countries via various transportation lines, like major international airports, motorways, and railways.
  • A quality education system that provides a wide range of alternatives and schools.
  • Excellent health service.
  • Low property prices that have decreased before the real estate crisis and which were not fully recovered yet are allowing a valuable investment.
  • Spain has the fastest growing economy within European countries.

What Does the Spanish Golden Visa Provide?

Obtaining the Spain Golden visa provides many benefits, including free travel throughout the EU-Schengen Area, residency and work permit in Spain.

In addition to getting high returns by investing in our agribusiness, investors who obtain a golden visa have the right to apply for permanent residency and then for citizenship. Golden visa investors are also exempted from double taxation; as long as you live outside of Spain, you are not required to pay taxes for your investments or revenues coming out of Spain.

Our Investors also have the chance to issue the Visa for their spouses, children below 18 years old, and children above 18 years old who are dependent on the investor and parents of the investor, you and your family can benefit from public education and healthcare services.

Investment Requirements 

Requirements below mentioned should be fulfilled for application:

  • Minimum € 500.000 property or farmland purchase that may be spread over more than one property
  • Minimum € 2.000.000 investment to Spanish Public Debt
  • Minimum € 1.000.000 stock purchases from Spanish companies
  • Minimum € 1.000.000 investment to a Spanish investment fund
  • Starting a business that can provide employment, create a positive economic-social impact, or contribute to the development of science and technology
  • Purchased properties should be held until obtaining the citizenship or forever otherwise
  • Investors and their families should visit Spain at least once in each visa period.

If you want more information about the Spanish Golden Visa with Invest4Land, leave your info below, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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