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Global Vision With Local Knowledge

Investment Brokerage

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With 17 Years of Experience







API Group’s performance, growth, and innovation are driven by the passion and dreams of its employees who work in harmony and team spirit. It is our shared belief that all employees and their roles are equal in achieving the group’s vision and goals based on corporate values, that allows API Group to deliver its promises to investors and customers alike. Our corporate values extend to our choice of partners in every endeavor we choose to carry out across the globe.

Alper ApaydınChairman and CEO

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Global Vision With Local Knowledge

Founded in 2005 as an International Real Estate Consultancy in London, API (Advantage Properties International) has continued its successful growth and has been taking its place among the leading international business conglomerates in the fields of agriculture, real estate and tourism.

API Group has pioneered many initiatives in the area of real estate investment, and it continues to innovate new products that serve the people, the planet, and the prosperity of the communities where it operates. API GROUP is active in various businesses:

  • Investment Brokerage
  • Construction & Project Development
  • Tourism & Hospitality

API Group has settled its branches in three continents, over ten countries, including Spain, Montenegro, UK and China with the headquarters based in Turkey. The main strategy of our company is to uphold high-quality customer satisfaction in all our products and services while respecting the environment in all our business practices. Our main operations are based in Turkey, Bulgaria and UK and we have business associates in different parts of the world.

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